Instructions for mobile application

Instructions for using the mobile application «Energy!».

Main information

The mobile application «Energy!» by LLC «LIVAYN TORG» is available for free download from Google Play and the App Store for use on devices with Android systems (from version 5 and above) and iOs (from version 10 and above).

Opportunities provided by the mobile application:
— purchase of gasoline А92 Energy, А-95, А-95 Energy, E-95 Super, diesel fuel Energy or gas on the virtual fuel card at the price set in the application through the «Buy» section;
— providing information on the remaining liters of fuel on the user’s virtual and plastic fuel cards, as well as a list of transactions performed in the section «My fuel»;
— granting to a third party the right to refuel at the filling station the number of liters of fuel specified by the user from his fuel card using the unique code “Share” generated in the section “My fuel”;
— provision of information about the gas station, including: a list of services at the gas station, fuel prices (informative), the distance from the gas station to the user’s location, the route from the selected gas station to the user’s location in the “Gas station map” section (subject to enabling the geolocation service).
— refueling a car with payment either with a virtual or plastic fuel card, or with a bankcard.

When installing the application or in the settings of your device, give the application access to your location to determine the distance to the gas station, display your location on the map, automatically identify the gas station during refueling and get directions.

Terms and concepts

The fuel card is a system of non-cash payments at gas stations, operates in the «on-line» mode and provides efficiency and convenience to its users. The principle of operation is similar to the principle of operation of the usual bankcards. Fuel is counted in liters.

The virtual fuel card is a kind of fuel card. The virtual fuel card does not have a physical medium and is controlled from the mobile application or from the user’s personal account.

Share is a function that allows the user to generate a unique one-time code by which the recipient of this code can refuel at any gas station in the network. The filled liters are debited from the card holder’s fuel card.

Payment by fuel card — writing off the actually received fuel at the filling station from the balance of the fuel card.

Payment by credit card — payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) for purchases of liters of fuel on fuel cards or refueling at gas stations. Payment is made from the mobile application or the user’s personal account by entering bankcard details and confirming the payment.
Registered users can save a bank card for quick payment of subsequent orders. The offer to save the card appears after a successful payment (if you are logged in to your account). Saved maps are managed in the «Settings» menu. The application does not have access to your bank card data; the bank ensures the safety of bank data. For the safety of your payments, when paying with a saved card, confirmation of the operation with a one-time password 3-D Secure is required in accordance with modern requirements of payment systems. This password comes in SMS or in a banking application (Privat24, Monobank, etc.).

Login and registration

To use all the functions of the application (purchase, refueling with payment with fuel cards, the «Share» function), the user must register.
To register, you must enter your mobile phone number, name, surname and email. One-time codes will be sent to your phone and email to confirm your registration. Users, who have previously registered in their personal account at, just enter their mobile phone number and password to enter their personal account.
You will also be offered the opportunity to set a short code for entering the mobile application, and you will also be able to log in using Touch ID or Face ID, if supported by the device.

Sections of the mobile application

The main page has four main sections «Buy», «My fuel», «Gas station card», «Refuel». The top line contains on the left — the information menu, on the right — the user’s personal data menu and the navigation menu.

Buy — a section where the user can buy fuel to top up his virtual fuel cards. The purchase is available only for registered users.
On this page, the user enters the required amount of fuel or the amount for which he wants to purchase fuel, and pays for the order using a bankcard (VISA, MasterCard). The purchased liters of fuel will be reflected immediately after confirmation of the payment on the user’s virtual fuel cards. The user has access to only one virtual fuel card for each type of fuel.
The purchase is available only to individuals.

My fuel — a section that displays the user’s virtual and plastic fuel cards, indicating the number of liters of fuel on each.
The virtual fuel card appears in the section automatically after the first purchase of liters on it. Plastic fuel cards must be added by clicking on the «+» button. After adding a plastic fuel card, it will be displayed in payment methods when refueling at a gas station. The user can delete the added card by long clicking on it, and, if necessary, after deleting, add it back to the page «My fuel».
The «Share» function is available from all fuel cards, except for those issued to the user by the company.
When «Share» is selected, the user is redirected to the page for generating the «Share Code». He needs to indicate the required displacement (from 2 to 100 liters), click the «Get code» button and send the generated message with the code to the recipient in any convenient way (SMS, instant messengers, etc.). The validity period of the code is 24 hours from the moment of generation, and then it becomes inactive and disappears from the list of transactions if it has not been used. The maximum amount when using «Share» is 100 liters per day. Liters used according to the «Share Code» are debited from the user’s card upon refueling and are reflected in the list of transactions.
The code is secret, therefore the user must independently monitor that third parties do not know the code. If the user suspects that the code has become available not only to the recipient, but also to other persons, then he can deactivate it in the list of transactions of his card.
The list of transactions on the fuel card is displayed by clicking on the corresponding card.

Gas station map — a section of the application with the display of the gas station on the map or a list sorted by distance from the user’s location (it is necessary to enable the device’s geolocation service and access the application to this service).
When you click on any gas station from the list, the gas station page opens with a list of types of fuel available for refueling with information prices, as well as a list of services provided by the gas station (cafe, shop, sale of oils, washing, etc.). Route planning to the selected gas station is carried out by an application built into the mobile device (Google Maps, Apple Maps).

Refuel — a section of the application through which the user refills a vehicle at a gas station.
When entering the «Refuel» section, the petrol station is automatically determined (according to GPS data) where the user with the brand and address is located. The user must make sure that he is at this gas station or change it by choosing the one he needs from the proposed list. Next, the user must select in the application the number of the column near which he is located and make sure that the gun with the desired type of fuel is inserted into the tank. In the application, the type of fuel is determined automatically depending on the removed pistol. After entering the required number of liters (or the amount of hryvnia), the user selects a payment method (fuel or bankcard).
If less than the ordered fuel has been refueled, the funds (liters) will be returned automatically to the card from which the refueling was paid; if more than ordered has been refueled, the missing funds (liters) will be written off automatically. If it is impossible to write off the overfilled fuel (there are no funds / liters on the card), the user must make an additional payment at the gas station’s cash desk.

Information menu — contains information about the application, instructions and conditions for using the mobile application, a hotline phone number and a form for sending an e-mail message.

Navigation menu — quick access to the main sections of the application, user data, settings and information menu items.

Settings — allow the user to change the interface language of the mobile application (Ukrainian, Russian and English languages are possible), manage the saved bankcards, and manually update the data if necessary.

User personal data menu (my data) — user data page. From this page, you sign in to your account by entering a password or using Touch ID or Face ID (if supported by the device). After logging into your account, you can enter or change your personal information on this page. By pressing the «Logout» button, the user logs out of the account.

Not all application functions are available to the user without logging into the account.